News and Notes from the Director

April 2019

Greetings from Camp Living Water!!  I hope God is blessing you. . .  I know He will as you allow Him to.

Campers are signing up every day. . . we are already about 1/3 full, and by the end of April we expect to be maxing out at least in some categories.  Leah Sasscer is the Registrar now, and doing a great job keeping all that straight.

You can sign up on line by clicking a button on our website (new this year, thanks Alex!!), so it is easy to get that done.  Or you can apply for summer staff with another click.  And get a friend to come too!

The biggest thing right now is the SOWERS, here for the whole month or April.  There are two couples, both very energetic and hard working.  The SOWERS ladies have been deep-cleaning the Lodge.  Now they are helping put out this mailing.  The men repaired a roof where a tree fell on it, and now are rebuilding the lodge stairs – the old timbers have deteriorated and the stairs take a lot of pounding, kids hurrying up and down. 

Our like-new Kubota tractor has been a big help.  We put in a 2-foot-deep ditch across the front of the dining hall, filled it with drain pipe and gravel, and spread the extra dirt around where it was needed.  The tractor has a scraper that works great on our roads and parking, and the bucket is awesome for moving trees and rocks around.

Lots of other work to do!!  Josh has upgraded the lighting in the pavilion, fixed wiring problems, and will be working on the vans, the lodge and other buildings, getting them ready for the summer.  We hope to replace the cottage roof soon, as well as replacing deteriorated siding on the gym.  Don't have the funds for those two items yet.

This month and through May we are hosting the youth soccer league.  Every Tuesday and Thursday there are about 80 eager soccer players here, and all their parents and coaches.  It is sort of a holiday atmosphere, lots of fun, especially if you have a 4-year-old grandchild out there learning to play!!

Please pray about all these things.  Come join in when you can!!

Joel Sasscer, director


Alex's Perspective

April 2019

On warm sunny days, I feel like Camp starts next week.  Thankfully it doesn't, or there would be an awful lot happening in the next week.  We are plenty busy already!!

Soccer has been in full swing since March 5th. It's nice to see 73 kids on the field twice a week.  When I was younger I played rec soccer but I had no idea what all went into organizing it until now. Having an online soccer registration helped me learn how to process the data. I like it so much, we might start doing digital craft sign-ups during Camp.

I recently became a certified American Red Cross lifeguarding, first aid, and CPR instructor.   Now I am able to teach and certify our summer staff.

Joel and I are working together to get more churches to utilize the camp, and trying to get the ones who are already taking advantage of our ministry to be more involved.  Not just in our summer program but to also use our facilities that are available year-round for retreats and special events. If you know any pastor or youth leader who may be blessed by our ministry please tell them about us, or send me their contact information.

Since starting here full-time last fall, I have been learning several new things every day.  Occasionally it frustrates me to see how inadequate I am for the job. Sometimes it is simply not having the communication skills I wish I did. Or not having a solution for an issue that I can't even wrap my head around. Nevertheless, God has been faithful to use me in His work of magnifying his Son's name, and in that, I rejoice.  He has been showing me more and more that it is only by His strength that I am able to learn and grow.

And that is why the overarching theme this summer is In Christ, which comes from the Camp Living Water motto “God’s Christ Magnified”.  We will be seeing how that concept relates to each person’s life and walk with God.  We have 4 parts of that: Truth, Faith, Way, and Ministry.

I am really excited about our new Camp speakers this summer. . . . and one familiar face who is returning, Dr. Bill Bradford.  He has been a Junior Camp speaker many times, over 10 years ago. He is a great kid’s speaker and will be giving them practical messages from the gospels during Junior Two.

Bobby Godfrey is the Junior One speaker.  He is super passionate, full of energy and an excellent speaker. His messages will be down to earth and cover  age appropriate topics

I am especially looking forward to hearing from Brandon and Mary Aldrich during Family Camp, July 19-21. I have known their family for 15+ years.  They are a great resource because they can say “been there done that” to so many things. Family Camp will be amazing -- it is right in the middle of the summer so parents can meet our summer staff.  It is right between Junior One and Junior Two. It is a great price, $225 for any size family. The workshop sessions will be so practical and helpful.

Evan Jensen is the associate pastor of First Alliance Church In Franklin NC.  He is a graduate of Toccoa Falls College. During the Teen Camp sessions, He will be giving a crash course on how God progressively reveals Himself throughout the entire Bible.

We are adding “Camping Craft”, which will include lots of wilderness skills like building and cooking on a fire, camping with a tarp and hammock, reading a map and compass.

Teen campers will have the opportunity to spend a night in the woods with their Camp Craft leaders.

Nerf Rival Ball is another new camp activity this summer. The Rival guns shoot miniature sponge foam balls, making it a really fun and safe activity.

Free time will be different this year.  During free time there will be designated activity areas. This should keep the kids engaged in activities throughout the entire day, while allowing the option to just relax and spend time with their friends.

There are even more changes being made but I don’t have space here to go over all of them, If you haven’t already, follow us on Facebook and Instagram (CampLivingWater) to see more updates as the summer gets closer.

There are a number of other new things happening this summer.  If you haven’t already seen the summer camp schedule check it out on our website, along with our new Online Registration Form. You can still register with a paper form and mail that into us.  Don’t wait too long, camp is filling up!!

We have a huge need for summer staff and one-week counselors and helpers.  Many of our staff are young adults who serve all 4 weeks of camp. But we are making it easier than ever before for people of any age and skill level and availability to serve.  So if you are older and can only come for part of a week of camp, that is fine, we have a position for you.

Serving on staff Is a great way to grow spiritually, physically, and relationally, while at the same time helping others to grow in the same way.  There is more information about this on our website, including the staff application. If you or anyone you know is interested in serving on staff, please reach out to me soon.

Thank you for your continued support. Please, pray that Camp would be used by God to bring many people to Himself. Pray that God would continue to supply our every need (Including summer staff). And pray that we would magnify HIM!!

In Christ,

Alex Reed, Program Director . 828-538-0037

Things we need at Camp Living Water

Fall - Winter 2018


*1 new Box Hockey game $100 note: misc balls for gym – done!!

2 Dry-erase boards $45 each

6 Ping Pong paddles $10 each

2 slacklines $50 each


Purchase tractor in good condition --- $11,000

(Offer has been received to match every dollar with a dollar)

*Replace cottage roof --- $5,000

*Upgrade Maintenance Shed – power, lights, concrete flooring --- $1,300

*Replace deck lighting at pool --- $150

*Replace gym siding --- $5,200

Replace windows, Wikle House --- $4,800 --- Done!! Praise God!!

*Replace stairs (2 sets) on Lodge – $700 each set — Both sets done, thanks to a volunteer group and

*Replace lighting in pavilion, add lights to BBQ pit --- $850

Replace 120 mattresses --- $145 each

  • * indicates volunteers also needed once we have funding

Pick a project that challenges you – and then call us, 828-488-6012. We need funding and volunteers to get it all done. Help us make camp better!!