Summer Staff

In every summer staff position, Camp Living Water seeks genuine disciples of Christ for positions of leadership, where they can use their God-given gifts, talents, and skills for the Lord while continuing to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

The positions needed.

With 90 campers each week, we need approximately  16 counselors. 1 assistant program director, 4 craft instructors, 2 cooks,  1 crew chief, 4 kitchen crew members. 1 speaker 2 Senior counselors and 1 Lifeguard. Kitchen and program areas could both use more than 7 staff.

Different levels of summer staff

4 Week Counselor are 16-30  years old. They have or will attend staff training the week before Teen Camp. They make up all of the counselors and some of the out-of-cabin staff during teen camp. Being on staff during Teen Camp is the most significant difference between 4W and 2W counselors.

2 Week Counselor are not counselors during Teen Camp. They are ages 15-17 and will attend training during teen camp.  

Servant Leaders come to camp to offer a gift.  Servant leaders often have special skills that the average 15-30 year old does not have. This gift may be speaking, singing, cooking, leading crafts or any other number of things. Servant Leaders receive on the job training and are limited to duties within their skills. Being a counselor is the one thing that they will not be taught.  Servant leaders can be ages 13-99. They typically serve for a limited amount of time and are allowed some flexibility on arrival and departure dates.

What position can you have on staff?

An individuals age is not the sole determining factor for the level of staff they have. God can use anyone he wants to proclaim his Glory. On the other hand, staff should not be drastically under or overqualified for the position of leadership they have.  Camp tries to give differing amounts of stewardship in direct correlation with the individual staff members maturity. Also, we have a few older staff to provide on the job training and mentoring for the others, so that they can be competent in the level of leadership they have been given.

4W Counselors are typically better at counseling campers than 2W Counselors because of the age and experience, and maturity difference. So during Teen Camp 2Ws will not be on staff.  During Junior Camp, 4Ws and 2Ws are essentially equal besides that 4Ws will be given more leadership and responsibility.

Priority in staff positions goes to Counselors. Often Counselors are not qualified to be, Speakers, nurses, senior counselors, and cooks and or we don't have enough of them to fill all of the staff positions. That is where the Servant Leaders come in. They function as speakers, cooks, nurses and craft instructors. Counselors receive 1st priority on staff assignments. Because they are in a discipleship program. Servant Leaders fill in the gaps for staff assignments and support the Counselors in ministering to campers.  No matter where you fit in, you need to understand that all staff are "In authority, while under authority."

How Camp Living Water disciples its Summer Staff

We help our staff in 3 main areas of life.

Spiritually.  Staff daily spend time reading the Bible and praying. They Daily sit under the teaching of the word. Staff Bible teaching happens during staff devotions, nuggets, staff small groups, and chapel sessions. The chapel sessions also include times of worship.  Small groups are times of encouragement, accountability, mentoring and prayer. Also, staff practice their faith while at camp. Staff apply what they learn to their lives and teach the campers to do the same: staff minister to the campers during camper small groups, Devotions, and conversations throughout the day. How to effectively communicate the Magnificence of Christ, in such a way that it permeates the entirety of one's life, is The most important skill we teach our summer staff.

Physically Summer staff do physical work most of the day.  They learn many of the program areas at camp. Things like climbing, boating, games, and crafts. We also teach life skills like organization, logistics, food service, and cleaning.

Socially At camp staff grow relationally by learning to interact and communicate with people in authority over them, with people under their authority, and with coworkers.  Skills include listening, understanding, teamwork, discipline, teaching, problem-solving and counseling.

A few key areas of staff training that you should know about.

All of our staff are volunteers. We do compensate our summer staff for their expected expenditures that they will encounter from being at Camp. Things Like a phone bill, Car insurance or payment, traveling expenditures and weekend activities.

The 2019 W4 training is the Week before Teen camp starting on Sunday night June 23rd. Although if you can come 2 days early on the 21st we will do some craft training for whoever is here. It most likely will be on the new or changed crafts IE Rafting, Camping, Biking, RC cars. The specific activities depend on the people who are here.

W2 staff are campers for the First week of teen camp. The 2nd week of teen camp they are in Staff training. W2 staff pay  $245 for the first week of Teen Camp.

Rafting. The hope is to do rafting as a daily teen camp craft, and possibly a Jr camp outing. Each trip will need at least 2 trained guides. The hope is to do guide training with Paddle Inn Rafting Company. I don't Know what those dates are yet And will let you know as soon as I find out.

I hope to give out most of the staff assignments and small group assignments well before camp starts. That way everyone has more time to prepare. In order to make that happen, I need your staff application back early. So, if you are able, please fill out the application soon, and let me know what your hopes and plans are for this summer.

Applications process.

Summer Staff Applications are 100% Online. with the possible exception of waiver forms. It is a 3 stage process, First, submit the linked  Google form. Then within a week, I will send you SA Questions and your references another Google form. Once I receive all of those, I will look over the application And possibly do an over the phone interview.  If that goes well, then I will send you an acceptance letter.

Click here for the online Application.  

All staff are required to have references every Year!!!!. For returning staff the Reference doesn't deal with whether or not you are qualified to serve on summer staff, but has more to do with how can CLW encourage equip and train you to live in Christ, and what are some skills that the applicant can use to encourage, equip and train others to live in Christ, and how you have been serving Christ since last summer. So don't be worried about them, just be honest.

In the staff application, you will be asked to read and understand the CLW Mission Statement, Doctrinal Statement, and Staff Policies. Then you will be asked to comment on your response to them.   You can see them linked below.

Mission Statement, Statement of Faith Staff Policies

In the acceptance letter, you will be given assignments to perform before camp starts as well as being told how to prepare, and what to expect. Shepherds will be doing a lot of small groups during their time on staff. Some, if not all, of the small groups, will be on assigned topics. The staff member will be required to study and research their assigned topics before Camp.