We have been blessed with every spiritual blessing.  We trust that the Lord will bless you also, as you continue to serve Him.

Lighthouse Bapt Men were here last week and they got us well on the way to sprucing up the shop area and building a new shed there.  They also brought us an almost new piano to replace the old beat-up piano in the chapel. 

Another huge blessing -- this week Nehemiah's Few is here, a team of skilled repair and construction workers from Triad Baptist Church, renovating the chapel. All the necessary funds have come in for it. We have bought paint, doors, floor and ceiling material and new light fixtures and fans.  Steve and Josh are tag-teaming to support them. . . . Joanna and I are cooking, with lots of help, Chloe, Brianna, Tyler, George, and the breakfast team, Eva, Gabriella, Micah and Abi. 

All this is just in time for the summer!! We have plenty of other jobs to do in the next few weeks, like roof repairs, and repaired places still waiting for paint. We will soon be cleaning and painting the pool and getting it ready for kids who are coming soon, church groups, home school groups.  We are calling for a repairman to fix or replace the wall a/c units that gave out on us last summer.

In June our camp program kicks off with collegiate training and team building. They will be the the core leadership team for the summer camps all through July. We also have a full CIT team and adults coming as counselors and cooks.

  We still need a few more, especially cooks!!  Some of our cooks of years past have aged out. . . and I am about aged out!!  It is a lot of work, but more hands make it lighter.

Our summer camps are filling right up. There are more campers already signed up than we had this time last year.  We are over 40% and we expect to be just about full by the end of this month or early June.  It is always a huge boost, to hear from the kids of last summer, so excited about signing up for another week or two of adventures and Bible teaching and worship; bringing their friends and younger brother or sister.

Please pray with us for all these young people as they serve and learn and grow here this summer.