Letter from Joel on December 20th, 2018.

It has been a full and joyful year!!   It is exciting to be a part of what God is doing at CLW.

The "core" of every year here at CLW is in July -- four weeks of summer camps for kids.  This includes Junior Camps, a twelve-day Teen Camp, and a six-day backpacking trip or two which we call "High Trek".  We had over 250 students in these programs this year, and lots of special times and adventures.  At least 20 students made a commitment to follow Christ, and 13 were baptized at the end of their week here.

In September Alex Reed joined our full-time staff, and got right to work organizing the fall soccer season, with lots of kids, parents and coaches.  It was beautiful weather and lots of fun.  We also hosted a Men's Bible Conference and several youth retreats. 

God has been faithfully providing our needs through His people.  Earlier this month we received the full amount we need to pay for the windows on the Wikle House. . . and last week they were all in place!!  It will be snug on cold winter nights for many years to come. 

 We have also received a Matching Challenge gift toward the Tractor Fund. . . . every dollar given before January 1st means two dollars toward the tractor, up to $5,000.  Then it will be paid for!!  Here is the GoFundMe link : New Tractor for Camp Living Water . . You can also give by check, cash or PayPal.

So far the fall weather is holding out. I hope you are getting out and enjoying it.  We have been mowing, gardening, hiking, and soaking up the beauty and special feel of the Christmas season.

We decorated the Dining Hall for Christmas last week, just in time for several Christmas parties.  We put up a huge wreath over the fireplace, snow scenes and a Nativity scene.  Candles and other decorations in the windows.   The Dining Hall is so roomy, with two fireplaces and a big kitchen, probably the nicest place around for Christmas parties.   

The summer staff gets to enjoy winter here too. . .  there is an annual Staff Reunion at New Year.  We'll have a Christmas gift exchange party, various games, outings, maybe sledding? We are dreaming of a white Christmas . . . .  and a white ski trip or two to Cataloochee!!

Above all, we continue to remember God's gift of salvation to us, and to go tell it on the mountain!!  We have been adopted into His family through the work of Jesus Christ.  

"When the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons."  Galatians 4:4-5

The story begins in Bethlehem!!

 News and Notes from the Director

Greetings from Camp!! God has continued to bless us in every way and we praise Him for all His provisions to us and the work here. We trust Him daily for what we need.

Fall has come to Camp Living Water, with cooler evenings, some frost, and a harvest moon. The leaves have turned bright colors and are mostly decorating the footpaths and forrest floors. They are always beautiful, a reminder of God's creativity and life-giving sun and rain.

With the new season, we have been blessed with a new staff member – Alex Reed is here as our permanent full-time program director. Josh has passed the “activity baton” on and is now fully in charge of camp facilities. He keeps everything in top shape.

Alex jumped right into the start-up of soccer season, packing out the playing fields every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon with grade school and middle school children, and lots of coaches and parents. It's always a picnic or party atmosphere, the parents getting to know each other and watching the action-packed play, and everyone enjoying a fine fall afternoon.

Alex also filled a leadership role for the annual Bible Conference at the end of September, which was another special time for all who attended. Our speaker Steve Price presented a series on Paul's letter to the Philippians, focussing on the servant attitude of the believer. We have Steve scheduled for next year too, mid-October. Hope you can come!!

Alex is also working on relationships with local churches and other groups who make use of our services. He is full of great ideas for activities and ministry and in general, for doing what we do better. His biggest challenge right now is developing ideas for summer camp and staff next year, and engaging summer speakers. Ou can read more about it in his own words in is enclosed letter.

We are still kinda warm from the glow of a great summer, a summer filled with kids learning Bible stories and verses and songs, how to give their testimony, how to witness for Jesus. About 20 accepted Christ here last summer, and 13 were baptized.

Every so often a few of the campers or summer staff drop by to visit and chat with us. Last month a family from back in the '80s came by, a couple who met here at camp, served together on staff, got married, and now have three beautiful little girls!! It is always an encouragement to hear what God has done in young people's lives through Camp Living Water, and what He continues doing today.

We are waiting on funds for our maintenance backlog, things like program supplies, a replacement roof for the cottage, carpet for the chapel and siding for the gym. See the reverse of this page for a full list. Also our Camper Scholarship Fund is in the red by about $4,400, and we will need around $8,500 next spring as kids start to sign up again.

Keep up the prayers for us and the encouragement!! Come to camp sometime!!

Joel Sasscer, director 14 Nov 2018

Alex's Perspective

Hi, this is Alex, the new Program Director at Camp Living Water. Some of you have met me, and many more of you have not. So let me tell you a little about myself. I have lived in NH all my life besides one year in Wisconsin where I went to Ethnos 360 Bible Institute. I was saved and baptized when I was younger than I am now (hard to believe, right!) God changed my life when I was 16, by showing me . . .

God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way.

He wants you to be just like Jesus.- Max Lucado

That truth rocked my world. I could no longer go on living for my dreams when an all-knowing all-loving God has something so much better for me.

Since then I have done many different things in ministry including working with Ethnos 360 and my home church in NH and serving on summer staff at Camp Living Water for the past six summers. I started working at camp because my older siblings worked here; they started working here because my dad and grandfather were involved in camp before them.

The thing I appreciate the most about the camp ministry is its niche for Discipleship. There are few places where every event of the day finds its purpose in helping kids grow physically, mentally and spiritually. Also, the foundation for that growth is the magnificence of Jesus Christ. Understanding the glory of God and joining Him in His desire to be glorified is the greatest thing that happens at camp.

That is what I am hoping to do at Camp Living Water. Every weekend retreat will focus on exploring one Biblical topic or passage. We are adding 3 new retreats to the 2019 calendar:

  • The Ski / Adventure Retreat, designed for small groups who would like to have their own weekend retreat, but don't have all the resources to pull it off. The camp is providing lodging, meals, activities, and chapel sessions.

  • Family Camp, full of family activities and challenges. During chapels, we will split into parents workshops and kids chapel.

  • The Student Conference, a weekend version of Teen Camp.

The 2019 Summer Camp schedule is undergoing a major renovation. I expect to release it on our website by February 1st, 2019. I will give you the sneak peek version that is still under construction. Morning chapel will be replaced with small group activists. The small groups will focus on the application of Biblical truth to the Individual. So, rather than doing an exhaustive study on forgiveness, we'll explore practical ways we can forgive the people who have wronged us. Junior campers will rotate through their Bible crafts just like the rest of their crafts.

Camp Living Water relies on God providing our needs. It humbles me how God has involved so many people in this ministry. I am truly blessed to benefit from all the hard work of those who have gone before me. I want to thank you for being involved with Camp. I pray that God would continue to use and bless you in the ministry of camp.

There are many ways you can be involved in Camp:

  1. Pray That God would use CLW for the Magnification of Jesus Christ.

  2. Give me ideas for games activities and programs

  3. Financially support the camp Scholarship Fund or General Fund

  4. Sponsor a Camp Living Water purchase

  5. Volunteer for maintenance projects or kitchen duties

  6. Serve on summer staff

I am always looking for program, game and activity ideas. Every camp program requires a kitchen crew and activities leaders. We also can use volunteers to help with maintenance projects. Volunteering during a camp program is excellent because you can still participate in some of the events.

Summer staff is the biggest program need. I am going to start recruiting in January. We need collegiate and CIT summer staff, along with nurses, cooks and lifeguards. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please have them contact me. My cell phone is 828 538-0037, and my email is

Thank you for taking the time to read about these ideas. This Thanksgiving, Camp Living Water is thankful that you have been a part of our ministry. Alex Reed, 11-14-2018

Things We Need

at Camp Living Water Fall - Winter 2018


*1 new Box Hockey game $100 note: misc balls for gym – done!!

2 Dry-erase boards $45 each

6 Ping Pong paddles $10 each

2 slacklines $50 each


Purchase tractor in good condition --- $11,000

(Offer has been received to match every dollar with a dollar)

*Replace cottage roof --- $5,000

*Upgrade Maintenance Shed – power, lights, concrete flooring --- $1,300

*Replace deck lighting at pool --- $150

*Replace gym siding --- $5,200

Replace windows, Wikle House --- $4,800 --- Done!! Praise God!!

*Replace stairs (2 sets) on Lodge – $700 each set

*Replace lighting in pavilion, add lights to BBQ pit --- $850

Replace 120 mattresses --- $145 each

  • * indicates volunteers also needed once we have funding

Pick a project that challenges you – and then call us, 828-488-6012. We need funding and volunteers to get it all done. Help us make camp better!!